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Scientific Skepticism by IAKB

Get some gear to show your skeptical side. Tee shirt designs and more, for science and skeptical minds


A show hosted by Hosted by Dave & Jen Schumacher. They will delve into the science and current status of survival related and parapsychological phenomena.


ESPSI Center

ESPSI Center (pronounced: Es-Sigh) "The Center for the Exploration of Survival & Parapsychology" is a scientific research organization that explores different types of survival and parapsychological phenomena that occur before, during and after death and could potentially support the survival of consciousness (i.e. life after death) hypothesis.

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Skeptical Help Bar with Kenny Biddle

The Bar is Open! Each week, skeptical investigator Kenny Biddle hosts a Q&A show where listeners are encouraged to grab an adult beverage and ask paranormal-related questions. I'll offer my own skeptical opinion based on my experience, knowledge, and Google.

A Closer Look

A column by Kenny Biddle, a science enthusiast who likes to take a closer look at claims involving paranormal experiences, the equipment people use to search strange things, and the evidence presented for ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids. I promote science, critical thinking, and skepticism through his blog “I Am Kenny Biddle” and the in-depth articles on CSI. I am fortunate to frequently host workshops on how to deconstruct and explain paranormal photography/videos and methods to solve mysteries.

 3TS Merch

Yes!!  It's here!  Some Tortured Soul Merch so you can show your support for our humble, yet fun, pod cast.  

The proceeds will be used to support the costs of keeping us running, and maybe even an experiment or two.  

Grab some then come drink and yell at demons with us. 

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